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Dr Oliner was extremely thorough and had great bedside manner. I felt like he really listened and cared and gave great advice. His staff were also lovely, helpful and I was seen immediately when I came in. Best doctors experience I've had in a long time.

Georgia T.

This was my first visit with Dr. Oliner. I arrived about 15 minutes early for my appointment. His staff was pleasant and attentive. I filled out paperwork and waited a few minutes; believe I was seen about five minutes after my scheduled time. Dr. Oliner is approachable and attentive. He listened to me thoroughly and – without making me feel idiotic about any of my questions or concerns – addressed each one satisfactorily. The office location is convenient and the facility is clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Bridget B.

Absolutely amazing. It makes such a great difference to find a doctor who is professional, caring, thorough and competent. He listened to my concerns and was really trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I'm so glad I found Dr. Oliner! Highly recommended.

Elisabeth A.

It's become a cliche that doctor's offices are routinely inefficient (oh, you've only been waiting 2 hours to see the doctor), impersonal (Mr., ah, oh, sorry! Ms!), and cold (Please just hand us your $20 copay. There's the door!). Dr. Oliner's office is the complete opposite of that scenario. He and his staff are incredibly prompt and personally warm. And Dr. Oliner himself takes a great deal of time to talk and discuss medical matters in a straightforward, patient, clear way, with an certain care that that underlies all interactions.

David K.

I am a new patient of Dr. Oliner's, and having only seen him twice so far I would definitely recommend him. The procedure I underwent was professional, timely, and thorough. There is genuine concern for patient's well-being and an honest, transparent approach to diagnosis. We are still working on solving the problem, but I have no doubts in Dr. Oliner's ability. Five's across the board; only hiccup was a full phone inbox when trying to leave a message to confirm an appointment

Tristen V.

Dr. Oliner is incredibly professional and very attentive. He always takes the time to answer all of my questions, and discuss possible solutions and treatments. He is even reachable by email between visits if needed, which is so reassuring when dealing with GI issues.

Lauryn G.

Dr. Charles Oliner was phenomenal. He welcomed me and made me feel very comfortable, listened to all my concerns and gave me a professional evaluation and recommendation for my health concerns. The office staff was very helpful and polite. I highly recommend Dr. Charles Oliner as a perfect candidate for anyone seeking a honest and professional Gastroentorologyst.

William R.

Very thorough and calm doctor. He earned my trust right away. I felt very comfortable talking about my issues with him, even though they were quiet embarrassing.

Olga S.

Dr. Oliner is extremely kind & compassionate and talked me through some issues related to GI symptoms and anxiety. I really appreciated his approach and thoroughness. I wish I hadn't put off this appointment for so long!

Jessica C.

Dr. Oliner was very thorough with his questions and offered extensive information about my possible diagnosis. Great bedside manner as well, he made me feel very comfortable and delivered all information in an easy to understand way.

Lauren P.

Dr. Oliner was extremely informative and helpful. He was very thorough with questions about my health, and I'm looking forward to future appointments so I can resolve some of my stomach issues!

Angela P.

Dr. Oliner was actually my second option of gastro doctors and I wish I went to him first. Friendly staff, barely any wait time (I went first thing in the morning so that may have helped...)very informative and I felt like he genuinely cared. More than my first gastro. Very honest, upfront, and was helpful in helping me figure out my stomach problems. He is the gastro I will be going to for now on.

Erica S.

It's always great to find a doctor who will take the time to talk you at length and get to the heart of the problem. I was impressed with his personal warmth and depth of knowledge, as well as the speed with which he set up a process for my treatment.

David K.

I cannot say enough good things about Dr.Oliner. He was personable, gentle, and listened to all my concerns. I will not be going to any other doctor.

Gabrielle R.

I had an extremely positive experience with Dr. Oliner. It was very evident from the start that he realized the magnitude of my acute situation. He acted quickly and I never felt for an instant that my health and recovery was not a high priority in his day. Dr. Oliner's office was quick and convenient to get to via mass transit and the diagnostics facility was also nearby and very state-of-the-art. All of my follow-ups have been accomplished in a timely fashion and thorough. And I am very happy to say that Dr. Oliner responded immediately when I was separated from my medication while traveling over the summer. He and his staff have been courteous, helpful, and responsive at every turn in my dealings with his office. I have no qualms giving Dr. Oliner a full recommendation.


Dr. Oliner was friendly and professional. I didn't feel rushed at all during my appointment. He took the time to throughly explain what his plan for me was and why, and answered all my questions. Great doctor!

Meghan L.

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